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Gravel Built Up Roof Case Study

This case study shows what a typical Gravel Built Up Roof looks like when it is twelve to fifteen years old, and then after one of our Polyurethane Foam and Elastomeric Coating Systems is installed.

We first took off all the loose gravel on the roof and then cleaned the roof. In this case, we accomplished both by wet-vacuuming the roof. This ensured the Polyurethane Foam will adhere to the roof substrate. The foam was sprayed on the roof at a minimum of 1 1/2 inches to seal the entire roof area. Special care is taken around parapet walls and penetrations to make sure there was a tight seal.

After the foam was installed, we applied two coats of durable, expandable top coat to protect the foam from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Without the top coating, the foam would quickly break down. This Foam and Coatings System not only gave the building owner an outstanding waterproof solution, but also an R10 insulation value for his building.

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