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Single-Ply Roofing Case Study

This EPDM membrane was approximately ten years old, and at the time of the job, leaks were quite minimal. The customer primarily wanted a coating system to help cut down on the heat within the building and to prevent future degradation of the membrane.

We cleaned the membrane using 3,000 psi of pressure to remove ten years of dirt and pollution which had collected on the roof. We sprayed a primer coat over the entire membrane to make sure the top coats would adhere without any problems. With very little leak problems, we only had to install a polyester fabric in a couple of places of concern and did so using a butyl sealer to adhere the fabric to the membrane.

At that point, we applied two coats of bright white butyl sealer to the entire roof area to form a seamless elastomeric membrane that will last for at least ten years.

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